Steelhead | Chinook/King Salmon | Coho salmon | White Sturgeon

    • Summer steelheading with your best friend!Winter steelhead – The proverbial “fish of a thousand casts”, but that’s only because we make that many casts or more in a day! We use various hands on techniques such as side-drifting with custom cured baits, bobber and hand tied custom jigs, and drift fishing to coax these winter gems.These fish often test anglers of all skill levels,especially late in the season when fish in the teens to the 20# class are commonly hooked on our light tackle set-ups. Only hatchery fish may be retained, and the limit is usually 2 per person. 
    • Monster fall chinook on the mighty Columbia riverSpring Chinook – Also called springers, these fish are the prize of our local Portland area fishery in the late winter to early summer. Many local anglers (including myself) view these as the best tasting Chinook salmon available here in the Northwest.It’s not uncommon to see these fish in the twelve to thirty pound range, only hatchery fish can be retained in this fishery. We begin fishing for springers in late March with herring in the Columbia, following them up to Bonneville Dam where the hottest fishing of the spring takes place through mid-April.In April,our focus shifts to the Willamette, Clackamas and Sandy Rivers, all of which are less than 30 minutes from downtown Portland. Here we fish with custom cured prawns and salmon eggs.There is a common illness from March thru mid-June known as “Springer Fever”. It usually lasts only a day, and the only known immediate cure is one of these NW gems on your line. I wonder if you’ll suddenly be calling in “sick”,and needing a cure after fighting,landing, and tasting one of these fish? Don’t worry, you won’t be the first to have done it! 
    • Fall chinook fishingFall Chinook – These fish are probably the reason that the Chinook is also called the King Salmon. Coming straight out of the ocean starting in mid-August, these fish are the “Big Boys” of the year.Commonly ranging 20-40 pounds,with fish up to 60 pounds taken each year, these are the salmon that will test your will and our gear. The famous Buoy 10 fishery in Astoria is where we kick off fishing for these beasts, and we follow the Up River Brights and continue to fish for them in the scenic Columbia River Gorge near Bonneville Dam through the middle of October. In the middle of September also begins a fishery in Tillamook Bay, where a completely different run of Chinook are just beginning to come in. We start targeting this run near the ocean , and follow them upriver, where nice fish are taken through the end of the year. Often our target rivers are no wider than a 2 lane street, so controlling these “tanks” takes some strong arms and even stronger will! We target these fish using everything from trolled herring to bobber fished fresh salmon eggs, with lots of things in between for all skill levels to enjoy. 

  • Coho – AKA Silver Salmon: We begin to target these fish in the lower Columbia near Astoria starting in August, continuing with good action through the 10th of September. These fish run 8-20 pounds, and are the most prized eating fish of the entire year, the perfect fish for a summer afternoon BBQ!Coming in fresh from the ocean with voracious appetites, silvers can make action fast and furious, with limits coming some days in less than a few hours.Often times silvers are caught while fishing for fall Kings on the Columbia River ,Tillamook and Nehalem bays, and only hatchery fish may be kept.


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